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 Simaw (Sim The Grim!)

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PostSubject: Simaw (Sim The Grim!)   Simaw (Sim The Grim!) EmptyFri Apr 02, 2010 11:15 am

Those who've seen me in action in PvP calls me Sim The Grim... *Dramatic music*


Hey one and all! My name is Simon, I'm 19 (soon 20) year old lad from northern sweden. I'm a strange mix between a gamer and a sportsnerd, I'm very active but also, obviously spend alot of time by the computer, WoW in particular. I work with kids as a stand-in and love it and are thinking about starting a higher education for it this autumn.

So, well.. I've played WoW for what can it be now.. 4 years or something.. Had my ups and downs but one thing I've always enjoyed is PvP, the adrenaline, the teamwork and the good times! I've played warrior, druid, paladin and now shaman. Which is the most fun class I've ever played I think. Very dynamic with totems and all, suits me and may I say I'm doing very good so far Smile

I'm also a AMATEUR PvP video freak and I got this crazy idea to make videos of Simaw making his way up the brackets and finally ending at 80.

Gonna put them up on youtube one by one and then maybe link to them in here if someone's interested to watch Smile

That's a short introduction of myself, I like to keep it short and simple, if anyone feel like they wanna know more about it, just ask. I'm a very chatty person Smile

/Sim The Grim
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PostSubject: Re: Simaw (Sim The Grim!)   Simaw (Sim The Grim!) EmptyFri Apr 02, 2010 10:28 pm

Welcome Sim Smile

Nice to have an other PvP freak in the guild - and then one who enjoys machinima Very Happy
We have a youtube thread on this forum - please post your vids here ^^
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Simaw (Sim The Grim!)
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