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 Raisa mistress of Death Power

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PostSubject: Raisa mistress of Death Power   Sun Oct 04, 2009 12:52 am

Welcome Raisa, Im very happy to invite Raisa to join our midst. She plays like I do, so I hope that is good ^^ - say the same things in /bg and go the same places. At least we can be two in those places now Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Raisa mistress of Death Power   Sun Oct 04, 2009 1:40 am

Hello guildies!

I play Raisa, a level 80 Forsaken Death Knight who wields Death, Disease and Destruction against her enemies!

In Real Life however, I am guy from Holland in his late 20s. I have a job in tech support, which drives me a little nutty sometimes so I take out my stress and frustrations on some poor unsuspecting Alliance in the battlegrounds and Wintergrasp.

I REALLY enjoyed our Onyxia raid this evening. I don't really care much for PvE. I find it a bit boring, but in good company even PvE is doable so I'm up for dungeons as well. Raids other than Onyxia and maybe Sarth with 1 or no drakes up that last longer than 1 hr aren't really my thing though :/

I also have a level 80 Alliance paladin in the guild Immortalis. I sorta re-rolled to be able to play AV as Horde was really dominating that battleground. Of course that's not really the case anymore now that I managed to get Raisa up to 80 and into some proper PvP gear >>

Still enjoy whacking things over the head with my Death Knight though. This is only my second level 80 and though a Blood DK is kinda like a paladin in many ways it's different enough that I enjoy playing Raisa more than Senya at the moment.

Hope to be able to drag some of you to some battlegrounds with me ^^
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Raisa mistress of Death Power
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