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PostSubject: Kil Mog Rõth   Kil Mog Rõth EmptyWed Aug 26, 2009 12:29 pm

We have a few rules that you must accept, if you apply to the guild we assume you accept the rules Wink

1. We don't abuse /bg
This means that we don't speak rudely in /bg and we don't use this channel for pointless whining or bragging
When this is said, we do give other players a thumbs up in /bg - make people want to do an effort to win
We don't spam chat with pointless "heal me" and that sort - save that for PvE
The reason for this is that we don't want the healer to /tar [your name] or find you on the map - they do their best too
2. We RP in /s and /y - ooc in /bg /g /p /raid
We don't use brackets ((...)) to OOC in /s either - if we need to OOC we do it in whisper or the before mentioned places

Kil Mog Rõth is a friendly casual guild. Most of our members love PvP (a few prefer PvE - there is room for all) We do BGs and Arenas together. We are not elitist in any way. We play to have fun.

When you apply to the guild please tell us:

1. Why you apply to Kil Mog Rõth

2. Whether you prefer PvP or PvE

3. A little about yourself

We will answer your mail within a week
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