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 Meeting 14/8 2009

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Meeting 14/8 2009 Empty
PostSubject: Meeting 14/8 2009   Meeting 14/8 2009 EmptyFri Aug 14, 2009 10:49 am

We had an officer meeting last night, and here is what we decided. Please give us your oppinion too Smile

Our friendship guild - The Wayfarers, are currently seeking a raid alliance. We are welcome to join the raids Smile
Make sure to /join WayRoth to converse with the wayfarer, and let me know if you are interested in joining raids. I will post on forum to let all know when raids are planned, and in the game I will use the calender to invite those interested.

Many in the guild would like to help other guildies with levelling their proffessions. Therefore severel suggestionns were made:

Please put into your guildnote (the tab that opens when you click your name in the guild page in game) what your proffessions are and what level they are at. For example "mining / BS 408"

In the guildbank you can choose a tab for notes. Here you can write what items you need to level your proffessions. Other guildies can then read it and mail the items to you, if they have them and want to part with them Wink
Remember to update what you need when you have moved on from it Wink

Every saturday we will make Gatherer day - here ppl who wanna help others with levelling proffessions will gather what is needed for this. Ppl who wanna help, but have no gathering skill, can grind some cloth. Joining gathering day is of course voloutarily, but we might make some fun competition about it.

We will allow players to make an application to join our guild, here at forums. We need a special place for this, and once we have that we will make a post at Sha'tar forum about it.

We will at some point soonish make a joint meeting for Wayfarers and us. The meeting will be IC in /say and OOC in /raid.

Wayfarers are planning an auction where they sell green and blue items to bidders in the guild. We have been invited to join this event - Ask Lesina for more... You will find her in /WayRoth Wink

Cheers Priz
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Meeting 14/8 2009
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