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 The rules of Kil Mog Roth

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The rules of Kil Mog Roth Empty
PostSubject: The rules of Kil Mog Roth   The rules of Kil Mog Roth EmptyMon Jul 20, 2009 11:10 am

We are not rude in /bg
No "U all sux" or that sort of thing, no whining that it is somebody or all the others fault if we lose.
No random "heal me" - it will mean that the healers either have to /tar [your name] to find you, or open
the map to find where you are. Only say "heal me" if you are FC (then the healer
should know where you are)

We play to win
No mindles HK farming.
No GY camping (with the one exeption of all 5 AB bases being ours - then its ok to
go to Trollbane, to make an effort in keeping the alliance there)

We RP in /s and /y - OOC is spoken in whispers or /p /g /bg
(Feel free to ask Priz if you need help with RP - or our friendship RP guild The Wayfarers - Im sure they
will love to help)
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The rules of Kil Mog Roth
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