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 In Game Channel to The Wayfarers

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In Game Channel to The Wayfarers Empty
PostSubject: In Game Channel to The Wayfarers   In Game Channel to The Wayfarers EmptySat Jul 18, 2009 9:58 pm

As discussed during the Officer's meeting earlier this week we have now linked up with the guild The Wayfarers to help expand our user base and make new friends with different goals in the game. Although our new alliance is young and we've yet to really commune with each other both guilds are hoping that by linking up we will be able to share experiences and resources.

The channel that our two guilds will be sharing is: WayRoth

Simply use your chat menu to join this new channel. Although The Wayfarers are a medium/heavy RP guild this channel is entirely OOC so do not fear speaking your mind or asking for help with anything you need that they can help with - be it the location of an area, having an item crafted by one of their dedicated tradesmen, or simply because you want to have a go at an instance or raid.
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In Game Channel to The Wayfarers
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