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 Welcome to Kil Mog Roth

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Welcome to Kil Mog Roth Empty
PostSubject: Welcome to Kil Mog Roth   Welcome to Kil Mog Roth EmptyThu Jul 16, 2009 10:14 am

This Section of the forum is to welcome and introduce new members of the guild. The one who invites the new one will briefly write about it here.

The people who are allready members - please write a little about yourself here (OOC or IC - just let us know which it is)

All members who are in the guild can have their alts in as well, if they want to Wink - we admit people, not characters.

Friends of members in the guild are welcome as well - as long as the member can vouch for him/her Wink

We make a new thread for each member. afro
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Welcome to Kil Mog Roth
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